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Virtus believes that to pursue a differentiated property type strategy, its organization and culture must also be unique. We match our sectors in being fixated on operational details, committed to data excellence, and mindful of future needs.


Virtus is uniquely scaled, structured, and staffed around its chosen sectors and investment philosophy. This entails high quality teams experienced in their dedicated sectors, and an elevated ratio of personnel to assets under management. The Firm also maintains diverse capital mandates so that it can consistently optimize risk and return by pursuing the best available opportunities and match them with appropriate capital strategies and horizons.


In pursuing a cycle-resilient mandate since before the Global Financial Crisis, Virtus has spent years honing its organizational processes to its chosen sectors and strategies.

Manager Mindset, Allocator Flexibility

Virtus believes the outsize potential of its sectors derives from their complexity. For instance, subsectors like student housing or senior living have different leasing patterns, tenant psychographics, and operational realities than conventional multifamily. Virtus approaches its sectors with the close mindset of a property manager and the eye to relative value of a capital allocator. This allows the Firm to evaluate the full potential and risks of individual opportunities, while assessing the entire landscape of options for greatest risk-adjusted return.

Deep Relationships

Virtus has been active in its chosen sectors for many years, resulting in a deep network and understanding of owner-operator dynamics. Having historical context and relationships is valuable as sectors like workforce housing and medical office transition from niche strategies to mainstays of institutional portfolios. The Firm’s grounding in a consistent investment mandate allows it to deploy thoughtfully with an eye toward long term value, rather than seeking over-crowded markets often “priced to perfection.”

Industry Leading Best Practice

Virtus endeavors to constantly define best practice in its sectors, from creative partnerships, direct management of properties to innovations in data analysis. The Firm prides itself on its collaborative relationship between acquisitions, asset management, and portfolio analytics, as well as its innovative but grounded approach to predictive data analysis. Firmwide, we endeavor to enact what is currently most effective while anticipating what will be tomorrow.

Relative Value Investing

Relative Value informs everything we do at Virtus, from top-down property sector weightings to bottom’s-up property selection. Despite the defensive nature of needs-based property sectors, investment fundamentals can still cycle. Although there is less concern about tenancy demand than in traditional property sectors, needs-based properties can still become overcrowded with new investors and hence overpriced from time to time, or perhaps too much competitive new supply is being delivered, or there can be operational challenges. As such, Virtus is a high-conviction investor intentionally overweighting opportunities that offer the best risk-adjusted returns and temporarily pivoting away from strategies with less attractive fundamentals at the time.

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